Why you should stay off crypto telegram bots? (opinion)

Before now just like most newbie's in crypto, I used to think crypto telegram bots are worth trying and do pay, unfortunately I found out that 9 out of ten of these bots either do not pay or are worthless for earning crypto.

Crypto telegram bots are bots which claim to pay you crypto for performing some tasks (tasks like messaging bots, clicking or visiting sites or tapping on a claim button), pay you double for investment etc. Most of these bots, though a few actually pay for performing such tasks. Some might even go further in stealing your crypto through investment scams. Those that pay, pays peanuts while you have to waste your time performing tasks, othersĀ  take years or months to reach the withdrawal limit. During my time of exploring crypto bots as a newbie in the crypto space, I spent some of my crypto on scam bots which never paid me till now. I usually advice newbie's in the crypto space to stay clear of telegram bots, if you must mine crypto on telegram then ensure you do not spend any money on crypto investment as such bots could be a scam and it would be impossible to recover back your crypto. Hence instead of investing using telegram bots you can buy crypto with your money or simply trade with legit trading platforms to earn more crypto.

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