Why do all cryptos follow the same trend as BTC?

Why do all cryptos follow the same trend as BTC?

You might have wondered that if today is a green day, it is because BTC is in green. That's why all other coins are also in green similarly for red days. But have you thought about it? Why does the market follow the same trend as BTC, not just small market cap coins but also the ones with a huge market cap like ETH, BNB. What is the exact reason behind it?

The answer is simple, BTC is a popular cryptocurrency and every other crypto including the huge market cap coins have a trading pair with BTC, and trading pairs are directly proportional. So, if someone is trading with ETH/BTC pair and BTC/USDT is down, then ETH/USDT also will be down so as to same maintain the relative price of the ETH/BTC pair. This is the reason why green is all green and red is all red in crypto.

But sometimes, there are some exceptions, some random coin is green while all other cryptos are down including BTC. This is because of the whale's/traders actions. They team up and try to pump a coin, they purchase a huge quantity of that particular coin, and hence its price increases. If whales are not active, then it is for sure, that coin will also be in red. Eg. last week BTC was down up 3% 24hr change and the entire crypto market was down in the range of 3-10%, but WAVES was up by 14% the same day. This is because the whales decided to buy a huge quantity of waves increasing their volume and price.

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