Price prediction of Filecoin (FIL)

What is Filecoin (FIL)?

Filecoin is a decentralized storage network where people can use and sell storage online. FIL stores data in blockchain technology and on the cloud. These two distinct features are enough for one to determine that this would have a good demand in the future. FIL is a web 3.0 application with good use cases. In my opinion, Filecoin is going to explode in the future and many analysts say that its price can touch up to $500 per coin. It is currently trading at $21.78 and it has touched an All-Time High (ATH) of $238 already in April 2021. So we know that FIL has a huge potential and has a great future.

Filecoin allows users to earn FIL for providing digital storage so that others can use it through blockchain technology. If you provide good storage, you can earn a passive income in FIL, and when its price increases, your income can go up to 10x. Or you can simply consider purchasing some FIL at a massive discount price. I have bought a good number of FIL when the price was $67. I am currently at a huge loss but I know that my loss will recover, instead, a purchased another bunch of FIL to fill my bag before we skyrocket. This skyrocket can happen next month, next year, or maybe in the next 3 upcoming years, but this is going to happen. trading analysis shows a massive increase in the wallet holders of FIL in its blockchain which means that people are making use of this opportunity and filling up their bags with Filecoins. Please NOTE this article is only what I fee; about FIL and nothing should be treated as financial advice. You take all responsibility for your funds, profits, and losses.

Price predictions for FIL

Dec 2022 - $124

Dec 2023 - $212

Dec 2024 - $488

Dec 2025 - $456

These are some long-term year-based price predictions for Filecoin. Short-term price predictions are difficult to say because the crypto market has a huge impact of BTC. The complete crypto market follows the same pattern as BTC and Bitcoin follows the same pattern as of US Stock market.


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