If you are looking forward to making money as an author, please read the following FAQs and understand how our system work so you can have maximum earning potential. We pay $5 to $15 for every 1,000 Paid views on your articles. Below are some of the points that you must know.

What are Paid Views?

Paid views are the views that matter the most to you because for every 1,000 paid views you will earn $5 to $15. Now, you might wonder how are these Paid Views counted? We keep several factors to count a Paid View:

What are Hits?

Hits are the total number of clicks on your article link. If anyone including you click on your article multiple times, the hits number will be increased.


How can I earn max. without much effort?

The best way to earn up to maximum potential is to grow your audience/followers. If you have a good follower base, your followers will be notified every time your article is published, Ask them to view your article once in every 24 hours. Deal smartly because we offer very good CPM rates for our authors.


What are the factors we consider reviewing your submitted articles?

We do not ask for fancy and long articles from you. We think that everyone can write, even if he is a complete beginner. Still there are some filters that we apply before publishing an article. These are:


What happens after my article gets published?

After you article is published, you can start getting views on your article, to start making real money. We also promote articles, that are worth promoting. So make sure to provide valuable content. We also share your article in our Quora space. You will be notified via email after your article is published in our quora space. So make sure to follow our space and join the community along with other crypto enthusiasts.

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