How to open a Crypto Trading Account on

Before you start trading, register on the Binance website

1. Verify account on Binance

After opening your Binance account via email, it is necessary your

verify account. Before that, you cannot make a deposit to start trading

to start.

To do this, go to the account icon on the website and under Basic Information is

an identity check (identity card, passport or driver's license) and

Address verification (account statement or electricity or gas bill) required. after you

Once you have uploaded all the necessary documents, you will usually be able to do so within one

hour verified. The verification should last a maximum of 1.5 days.

Then fill out the product risk questionnaire and read the product risk

Disclaimer by.

2. Deposit funds

Once the identity check has been completed, you can now use your credit for trading

Deposit at Binance. To do this, go to Wallet and Spot (deposit, withdrawal). so

you can see your entire balance on Binance at a glance. Share this credit

in fiat and crypto balances.

To start with the deposit, click on the Euro balance on the right under Action

on deposit. We recommend paying by SEPA bank transfer. there

there are no fees. You transfer your desired amount in euros

binance To do this, fill out all the important bank details in your online banking

to send the amount by bank transfer to Binance as the payee. give

the reference code as purpose.

Important: The name you use must match the bank account and Binance

to match.

The transfer usually takes 1-2 bank days. For an instant deposit

You can also deposit your balance by credit card. There arise 1.8%


3. Exchange euros for USDT

As a next step, the euro balance must be converted into US Dollar Tether (USDT)

be exchanged. To do this, go to “Buy crypto” on the Binance page

"Cash on hand". At "Buy cryptos" select the asset "USDT - TetherUS". With

you now buy USDT with your euro balance. To do this, click Buy USDT and

complete the purchase process. After that should the USDT coins on the spot wallet


4. Create Binance Futures trading account

Once the third step is done, click on Derivatives in the main bar on USD(S)-M

futures You are now landing on the Binance Future platform. Now you can right your

Open Binance Future account.

Furthermore, you must now transfer the US dollar tether from your spot wallet to your

Transfer futures wallet. To do this, go to Assets in the bottom right

Transfer. Now you can transfer your USDT from the spot wallet to your USD(S)-M

Transfer futures wallet. You can pay the transferred amount yourself

choose. Shortly thereafter, you will see your available balance at the top or bottom right

in USDT.

5. Pass Binance Quiz

Before you can place your first trade, we must complete the tutorial and the

answer all subsequent questions correctly. Take your time here and have a look

take your time to familiarize yourself with the platform.

If you successfully complete the quiz, you can now place your first trade.

6. Open your first trade

You can now place your trades with the various order types in Binance

Set futures platform. The control panel is located on the right side.

We will now deal explicitly with the order types in the further course of the process.


Risk Warning: Trading cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin) involves

a high risk of loss, high volatility (price fluctuations of more than 10

percent a day are not uncommon) for your invested capital up to

total loss. Therefore, only use such financial resources where you are partially

or can afford a complete loss.



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