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One of the best and easiest Crypto Coin miners is unMineable. There you can easily mine Crypto without having to make any major settings.

To get started just select the algorithm, configure your CPU or GPU mining rigs and point them to the unmineable pool. There is no sign up required (you just have to use your address).

Depending on your mining hardware (Graphic Card / CPU) you can use any compatible mining software to mine the algorithms they support.

Supported algorithms:

  • Ethash (Ethereum – GPU) – Requires minimum of 6GB VRAM
  • Etchash (Ethereum Classic – GPU) – Recommended for GPUs less than 4GB of VRAM
  • Kawpow (Ravencoin – GPU) – VRAM requirement 3 GB and
  • RandomX (Monero – CPU) – Available for mining via CPU.

3 GB is the minimum requirement for GPU and to mine algo like ETH you need a GPU with minimum 6 GB of VRAM.

For example using T-Rex miner you can mine Ethereum (Ethash) and get paid in SHIB. Or you can get paid out in Cardano (ADA) which is a non mineable coin.

Not only that but they also support the following payout networks: ETH (ERC20), BSC (BEP20) and KCC (KRC20).

Since Ethereum network is costly and always highly congested you can use BSC for payouts.

unMineable service is completely automated and their system takes care of all the exchange and transferring. Once you are done with the setup and start mining you’ll start receiving rewards in the asset of your choice.

With this service you don’t have to buy the coins from exchange, or spend money on expensive high-end GPUs or ASIC miners to mine them.

Alright! Lets now see how to setup and start mining with unmineable

First go to and decide on the coin that you’d like to paid out in. For this guide we’ll be choosing SHIB as an example.

Other than SHIB there are many other non mineable coins that you can choose from. Choose your favorite non-mineable coin and the next step is to find the wallet address for the particular coin or a token. As you can see SHIB is a token that is supported through BSC chain, ETH chain and Kucoin chain. You can easily figure out whether the particular crypto asset is a coin or a token and what kind of token is it. unMineable displays it right below the asset name.

Unmineable also has their own mining software on their website with support for CPU and GPU. It uses Phoenix Miner for GPU and XMRig for CPU mining. You need to install the software and go through some additional steps. For this reason we suggest you to use the well known mining software directly. That is T-Rex for GPU (Etchash, Ethash & KawPoW) and XMRig for CPU (RandomX).

To save 0.25% fees we recommend you to use a referral code ( ETH: ci7b-hbmy , USDT: 6v8w-6ij2 , DOGE: hbmn-fil6 ).

Have fun and good winnings.

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