So what has Bitgert done right to make it grow against the grain? Read more below

The crashing crypto market has left many cryptocurrencies struggling to recover even with today’s breather. Fantom (FTM) and Terra (LUNA) are among the cryptocurrencies prices that dropped during the bear market. During the same period, Bitgert has been skyrocketing, with the coin posting a +110% increase. So what has Bitgert done right to make it grow against the grain? Read more below:


There are several things that the Bitgert team has gotten right that are making the project attractive to investors. The building of game-changing products is what makes this project unique and attractive. The launched Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is one of the products that will change the crypto industry forever. Bitgert is a zero gas fee blockchain and the only solution to the high-cost gas fee. BRC20 blockchain is also the fastest chain after hitting the 100k TPS. These are two features that make Bitgert very attractive to investors. There is a huge number of products and projects coming on the Bitgert chain that will increase the BRISE token credibility in a big way. These are reasons the Bitgert price skyrocketed by 110% when Fantom and Terra crashed.


Another crypto project that makes a perfect investment is Centcex. The Centcex has one of the most attractive roadmaps in the crypto industry. The roadmap includes developing an unlimited number of products for the ecosystem through its Centcex Lab. Products will include dApps, exchanges, and many other crypto apps. The lab is being funded by 3% of every transaction on the Centcex ecosystem to ensure continuity in the development of products. With the huge utility comes massive adoption, which results in price growth and huge staking revenue. That’s what makes the Centcex project the most attractive investment after Bitgert.


Fantom (FTM) price has been among the cryptocurrency affected by the crashing markets. Though the market was plunging, Fantom is among the coins that recorded a significant drop. The reason the Fantom price drop is a concern is a possibility of being accelerated by the coin’s loss of traction. Fantom (FTM) is one of the best layer-1 blockchains designed to offer developers a faster platform and cheaper gas fee than Ethereum. That’s why it has been growing very fast. However, the coming of the Bitgert chain has made Fantom lose the traction it enjoyed. Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has a cheaper and faster network than Fantom.


Terra (LUNA) has also been among the cryptocurrencies hit by the plunging market. Though the coin has been making some good recovery during the current market breather, the coin still has a big dip to recover. The dropping Terra (LUNA) price could have resulted from the crashing crypto markets, but the issue of the more competitive projects might also have affected the dropping rate. As a price stable payment system, Terra (LUNA) is also getting tough competition from more appealing crypto investments. Bitgert could be one of the most attractive projects due to its BRC20 blockchain. The blockchain is making the BRISE more appealing to investors than Terra, and more investors could be putting their money on Bitgert and not Terra.

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