Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Investment Ideas, February, 2022

Bitcoin is quite optimistic to fly to the moon to the major resistance area at 65K which is expected to occur around the end of June 2022. However, the important thing to watch out for is the possibility that a very impulsive downward trend could occur first towards the major support at 29K in the near future in early March 2022. This can be technically analyzed where in the last 14 months Bitcoin has had a large consolidation structure between 29K and 65K with about 100 days around cycles. The very critical area for Bitcoin is in the 29K, where Bitcoin will question its fate whether it is able to pull back up or even or free-fall crash.

Investment idea: If you have added your current Bitcoin investment in the 40Ks position, it is actually quite good and just monitors it. And if around the beginning of March 2022 Bitcoin turns out that Bitcoin will decline to 26K, then it shouldn't be an excessive worry because there is a greater probability to go to the 65K. But if you can be patient until Bitcoin is in its critical area of 26K then it seems to be the best hotspot to add your investment.

Please take a look at the following BTC/USD chart as the basis for my technical analysis of price action, which is quite simple but very logical. The chart is taken from on February 17th, 2022 with my user name "hidy_exostones" .

Disclaimer: This article is based on my research and personal opinion. This is not an order or an invitation to do. Investing in the cryptocurrency market provides both benefits and risks. Every investment decision is the responsibility of the individual who made the decision. Please invest according to your personal risk profile. 

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Hidy Exostones - Feb 17, 2022, 11:38 PM - Add Reply

That's logic.

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