100-point Social Media Bill Would Kill YOUR Freedom to Post

Letter to a select few on my planet.


For a while, for those, I have had discussions with surrounding the effects of the dark web, decentralization, and free speech, there were those who believed that there shouldn’t be a safe space for people to be themselves so far as they are not hurting others…. Consciously or unconsciously.


A Safe Space full of anonymity is a blasphemous concept apparently.


In a world where there is no freedom of self-expression without the loud voices of offended people, no peace without a mountain of “expectations”, a safe space to voice your intrusive thoughts for your sanity is not just wanted, it's a necessity.


I wouldn’t say, that bad players don’t exist, ones that would want to voice the most heinous string of words they can muster in their pea little minds. 


But if even those aren’t even able to hurt or influence others, then it's ok. Let them say what they want.


And now, the European Union is looking to not just regulate the blockchain space, but also to crack down heavily on social media platforms all around the world. It's called the “100-point Social Media Credit System”. And it's already being considered in Australia.



The Australian government is considering a new bill that would remove all forms of user anonymity from every social media platform. Users are going to be expected to provide full identification for them to be verified to use any social media platform or post on it.


The government expects 100-point verification from every citizen. Such as passports, national identifications, driver's licenses, and such. This new system also gives the police and authorities jurisdiction over the citizen’s accounts, allowing them to charge users for “wrongful use” of their accounts.


On the surface it means destroying the concept of anonymity, underneath that, it means the government can send you to prison for that drunk text you sent by 2 am about that big corporation or that ex you don’t like.


It means everybody is vulnerable to defamation lawsuits and criminal offenses for the wrong post that was posted 20 years ago. It means you are not allowed to be human or say anything that goes against the state or big brother.


Because who gets to decide what is bad for the state… definitely not the citizens, but whoever has wiggled his way into the seat of power. This is why no matter how harsh the crypto winter is, there would always be die-hard enthusiasts, working tirelessly to build Satoshi Nakamoto’s dream.


With signs that the US government was attempting to utilize Twitter to wage an information war and control the perceptions of its users, and the new games surrounding the government and SBF, it's clear that the government is searching for ways to control the social media and crypto space. Thus the ability to be anonymous is a major threat to governments.


If this bill is passed it would have a ripple effect in Europe and the world at large. All who are seen as enemies of the new police state that’s brewing would have their voices limited and their reach toned down, and their accounts deactivated. Sounds like chapter 2 of any dictator’s playbook.


The concept of a fully actualized crypto industry would provide a decentralized way of sharing information, protecting privacy, and limiting the bad players while ensuring that enormous power does not rest within the grasp of the elite few.


I know this is a long assed rant, and I know, like you know that the government doesn’t care about you. So unless you dislike having freedom of speech, I suggest a truce in the war against anonymous dark web chat rooms where you cannot be a Karen, and band together for this flimsy freedom to drunk text your shitty ex.


May God help us all.

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